Hi, I'm Raymond.

And i'm inventing the future.

About me

Hi I’m Raymond Hannes (@RaymondHannes) and I love to build and invent the future. I believe that every company must face the reality of continuous innovation and disruption, or risk becoming obsolete in the 21st century. Organisations need to excel at improving their established business model and excel at inventing tomorrow’s growth engines at the same time. The organisational structures that characterise established companies today are unlikely to produce that new growth in the future.

I love operating in the chaos that is innovation and disruption and have done so for many years. I have started several companies and helped others with their innovation challenges. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and with my skills and knowledge of strategy, technology and human interaction I help others to invent the future of their company.

Some examples of my current projects:

  • Founder Viruskenner, Knowledge as an antidote: Viruskenner is a competition for high school students interested in science, who wish to gain knowledge on (exotic) viruses. How do viral infections spread, what is their effect on the human and animal body, how do people get infected, and foremost: how to cure people or prevent them from falling ill? Each year several schools in the Netherlands, Suriname, Indonesia, Senegal and South Africa, take part in the Viruskenner project!

  • Guest Lecturer Nyenrode business university: Nyenrode Business Universiteit, founded in 1946, is the only private university in the Netherlands. With regard to executive education, Nyenrode’s open enrollment programs were given the position of 51 on the global ranking (Financial Times, 2015) and number one in the Netherlands. As a guest lecturer I teach on subjects such as innovation strategy, entrepreneurship and emerging technology.

  • Partner Startup Foundation: With the startup foundation we focus on supporting founders with scalable ideas and want to support entrepreneurs with huge ambitions, ideally those that generate a positive impact. We do this by for example offering an online community (startup.chat with over 6.000 members), a newsletter (startup.curated with over 25.000 subscribers), the startup academy, and the startup port a co-working space for founders.

  • Board member PortXL: PortXL is the first World Port Accelerator and unique in its kind. We partner with leading companies, organizations and individuals around the globe, from Singapore, Houston to Piraeus. Our aim is to accelerate innovative companies in ports worldwide. PortXL is currently accelerating 10 Port related startups to success.



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